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Stereo Tool 9.92, MicroMPX 4.1.5 and new products

We have released a lot of new products!

All products that still use the old user interface are released as version 9.92, all products that use the new user interface or don't have a user interface at all are released as version 10.00. MicroMPX is at version 4.1.5.

New products

ST-Enterprise 10.00 is our new muli-instance processor for larger broadcasters with multiple stations. It also includes Nielsen PPM watermarking.

STudio 10.00 - Stereo Tool studio monitor is our new Raspberry Pi 4 low latency studio monitoring audio processor. It can run at a latency of 4.5 ms.

PiMP 10.00 - Pi Microphone processor is our new Raspberry Pi 4 low latency microphone processor. It can run at a latency of 2.83 or 4.17 ms.

STAMP 10.00 - Stereo Tool AM Processor is our new Raspberry Pi 3/4 AM processor image. Easy to use, and limited to AM use, so we can offer more features for a lower price.

MicroMPX AM Reprocessor 4.1.5 is intended for stations that want to repurpose their existing MicroMPX stream to also feed an AM transmitter. Mainly aimed at translators in the US.

MultiVOC 10.00 is a simple microphone processor for up to 50 microphones. (It has some small quircks that will be fixed in future releases, but it's fully usable.)


Existing product updates

This release also contains:

Stereo Tool 9.92

MicroMPX 4.1.5

Relay 10.00

PhoneBooster 10.00.

New Raspberry Pi image

For those of you who are already using the MicroMPX Raspberry Pi SD card image, we have a new Raspberry Pi 3/4 SD card image available that's much easier to use. Configuration changes can now be made via the web interface: Selecting your exact HifiBerry card model, switching between encoding and decoding, and update the software.

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