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Thank you for your interest in MicroMPX AM Reprocessor

MicroMPX AM Reprocessor is a product that we released after getting multiple requests for it from US stations with FM translators. Please read this and try it out before buying.

The MicroMPX AM Reprocessor is intended for stations that have FM and AM transmitters at the same location, with identical content. The MicroMPX AM Reprocessor makes it possible to use an existing MicroMPX stream for FM to generate the AM signal, without requiring a separate AM processor and a separate data stream.

The MicroMPX AM Reprocessor decodes the existing MPX signal, takes only the mono content ignoring the stereo pilot and RDS, adds some gain, lowpass filters it and then clips it, asymmetrically if needed. This does mean that the FM signal is clipped again, which isn't really ideal - but it's a simple way to comply to the regulations, and it still outperforms many cheaper AM processors.

For now, MicroMPX AM Reprocessor is only available in our Raspberry Pi 3/4 SD card image. Please contact us if you want to use it on different hardware.

MicroMPX AM Reprocessor

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MicroMPX AM Reprocessor