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Thimeo ST-Enterprise

Thimeo ST-Enterprise is intended for larger media groups, which run multiple stations or channels. It does everything that Stereo Tool does, and more! With ST-Enterprise, you can run up to 50(*) FM and/or HD processors on a single pc, with a single interface to control them and an overview screen that shows the status of all the incoming and outgoing signals.

Efficient resource usage

By sharing resources between instances, ST-Enterprise makes more efficient use of the availalbe resources, mainly the processing power, and it allows you to share input sound cards between multiple processing instances.

Nielsen PPM, Kantar and Intrasonics watermarking

ST-Enterprise supports built-in Nielsen PPM, Kantar and Intrasonics watermarking for audience measurements. See our pages about Nielsen PPM watermarking and Kantar watermarking.


(*) Need more than 50? 50 seems to be a reasonable maximum, but contact us and we'll add more! Of course you do need a system that can handle the CPU load.


All features

Nielsen PPM watermarking


- Repairs clipped audio
- Removes distortion, restores dynamics
- Also used by police forensics labs


Improves the sound of MPEG2/MP3 style lossy compressed files


Removes unwanted constant sounds, such as a 50/60 Hz hum from bad cables

Natural Dynamics

- Boosts percussion instruments
- Great to restore dynamics in compressed music

Automatic Gain Control

- Slowly adjusts the input level
- Can speed up on large changes
- Program-dependent dynamic timing

Low Level Boost

- Intended for classical music
- Raises the level of very low level sounds without compressing louder sounds

Multiband compressors

- Two multiband compressors
- Selectable number of bands, 2-9
- Program-dependent dynamic timing

Auto EQ / Bass EQ

- Corrects spectrum without compression
- Consistent sound without affecting dynamics

Stereo effects

- Choice of multiple stereo wideners
- AZIMUTH phase problems repair
- Mono compatible mode, no phase cancellation
- Automatic phase flip for anti-phase input

Immersive Bass

- Generates upper bass harmonics
- Much warmer, more consistent sound
- Makes bass audible on small speakers

True Bass

- Subharmonics generator
- Adds deep bass that's missing, mainly in older recordings

Streaming final clipper

- Clean and very loud
- Hybrid clipping/limiting mode avaialble
- Safe to use for low bitrate streaming

IceCast / ShoutCast stream

- Built-in IceCast / ShoutCast streaming
- MP3 and ogg/Vorbis, for now

AM processing

- Upto 200% asymmetry
- C-QUAM stereo and NRSC curve supported
- Extremely steep bandpass filters

Built-in microphone processor

- Software mixing console (control via tablet!)
- 2 channels
- Runs alongside normal compression
- No extra latency added

FM Stereo / RDS / RDBS

- FM pre-emphasis
- Built-in stereo and RDS encoder
- Remote control via UECP or Telnet
- Supports RT+, EON, TMC, EWS, IH etc

FM ITU-R BS.412 limiter

- Inaudible(*) BS.412 leveling
  (required in some EU markets)

(*) If setup correctly

FM Composite Clipper

- Clean and very loud
- Upto 140% audio level at 100% FM modulation
- Gives 2-3 dB extra headroom for highs
- Improves reception
- Strict ITU-R SM.1268 ('Stokkemask') compliance
- Be the loudest and cleanest station on the dial!

FM multipath protection

- Reduce RF bandwidth to improve reception
- Compatible with all receivers
- Upto 30 km bigger stereo reception area (*)

(*) Reported by several stations, after switching
     to Stereo Tool from other processors.

FM MicroMPX streaming

- Streams the full composite signal,
  with pilot / RDS, to transmitter sites over IP.
- Minimum required bitrate 320 kbit/s
- Redundancy possible
- GPS syncronization possible
- Software and hardware decoders available