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PhoneBooster uses Articial Intelligence to fill up parts of the audio spectrum that are typically thrown away in telephone connections. Both low frequencies (below 300 Hz) and high frequencies (3400 Hz-8000 Hz) can be restored. This improves intelligibility and generally makes the audio more pleasant to listen to.

Beside this, there's also some simple audio processing available, which can be used to obtain consistent levels and a more consistent audio spectrum.

How do I use it?

PhoneBooster will normally run between your phone line and your mixing console. You can for example install it on a small pc. It does add some latency, but that's usually negligible compared to the latency that phone lines have in the first place.


Reconstructs spectrum

Reconstructs lows
Reconstructs highs


The processing latency of PhoneBooster is a little under 100 ms at the highest quality settings. Since phone calls already have some delay and you're typically not listening to yourself through the phone line, this is usually not a really big issue, but if it is, the latency can be reduced in steps (of course at a cost in audio quality).

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AI-based telephone audio improvements, adds missing lows and highs.