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Thimeo STXtreme

Our new hardware FM/AM/HD audio processor, that combines the best audio quality with ease-of-use.


If you're looking for the combination of ease-of-use of a hardware processor and the well-known audio quality of Stereo Tool, look no further! STXtreme will give you both.

RadioWorld Best of Show award winner at the NABShow in Las Vegas in April 2022.

STXtreme front panel
STXtreme back panel

STXtreme vs Stereo Tool

So, why would you buy STXtreme instead of Stereo Tool? Here are some of the benefits of STXtreme over Stereo Tool:

  • Plug and play.
    Nothing to configure, just connect the power and input/output audio, and you're ready to go.
  • Proven hardware with proven stability.
  • Perfectly tuned hardware, minimal latency.
    The STXtreme firmware and hardware are meticulously tuned to each other, so no need to worry about sound card settings/CPU usage/synchronization etc. This also minimizes the monitoring output latencies to below 5 ms, FM output, depending on settings, between 5 and 100 ms.
  • Protection against firmware (and some hardware) issues built into the hardware.
    The hardware itself keeps track of whether the processing is running properly, if any problems are detected, it will - independently from the software - trigger a reboot of the system.
  • Easy to use HTML5-based interface.
  • Specially designed audio interface.
    The audio interface can play both analog or digital 176.4/192 kHz FM output and 44.1/48 kHz digital HD output simultaneously, perfectly synchronized, to allow for perfect HD/FM synchronization.
  • A myriad of analog and digital inputs and outputs.
    Whatever you need will be there. We are planning to add patch points for watermarking, external processing, processing multiple signals etc.
  • Very fast boot times
    The system boost in about 21 seconds, and firmware updates take the same amount of time.