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STAMP: Stereo Tool AM Processor

By popular request, we have made an AM processor image for the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 with HifiBerry sound card.

Why a separate AM processor image?

Using STAMP has a few benefits to end users:

  • It's very easy to use. Just put the SD card image on a Pi 4 with HifiBerry sound card and you're ready to run.
    There's nothing to install or set up, and there are no settings that don't apply to AM.
  • It's cheaper. We have limited the features of this image, to make it only usable for AM.

How to use it

Follow the instructions to install our Raspberry Pi 4 + HifiBerry SD card image.


All features


- Repairs clipped audio
- Removes distortion, restores dynamics
- Also used by police forensics labs


Improves the sound of MPEG2/MP3 style lossy compressed files


Removes unwanted constant sounds, such as a 50/60 Hz hum from bad cables

Natural Dynamics

- Boosts percussion instruments
- Great to restore dynamics in compressed music

Automatic Gain Control

- Slowly adjusts the input level
- Can speed up on large changes
- Program-dependent dynamic timing

Low Level Boost

- Intended for classical music
- Raises the level of very low level sounds without compressing louder sounds

Multiband compressors

- Two multiband compressors
- Selectable number of bands, 2-9
- Program-dependent dynamic timing

Auto EQ / Bass EQ

- Corrects spectrum without compression
- Consistent sound without affecting dynamics

Immersive Bass

- Generates upper bass harmonics
- Much warmer, more consistent sound
- Makes bass audible on small speakers

True Bass

- Subharmonics generator
- Adds deep bass that's missing, mainly in older recordings

AM processing

- Upto 200% asymmetry
- C-QUAM stereo and NRSC curve supported
- Extremely steep bandpass filters