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Nielsen PPM watermarking in Thimeo products

Getting started

Support for Nielsen PPM watermarking is currently limited to the United States and Denmark, and it's only available in the Windows 64 bit version of ST-Enterprise. To use it, you first need to obtain a CSID from Nielsen by contacting your Nielsen Account Representative. Once you have that, please send an email to to confirm to us that you have such a license, and we will send you an unlock code to use it in our software.

Contact Nielsen Encoder Support at or call 800-537-4872, option 2 if any assistance is required contacting your Nielsen Account Representative.

For existing Stereo Tool users

If you are currently using Stereo Tool, you can upgrade your existing license(s) to ST-Enterprise. You can do this by paying the difference in price between your existing license and the best matching Enterprise license (FM or Streaming/HD). Existing users: If you bought your license before November 2022, mail us for a small discount.

Other OS's and products

We can add Nielsen PPM watermarking to ST-Enterprise builds for other OS's (Linux, macOS), but any new integration needs to be separately certified. Please contact us to discuss this.

Importing and exporting system settings

Please be aware that when exporting settings, the Nielsen CSID and CD flags are never included in the export. On importing, both values are always cleared. This only applies to the "All settings (full import/export)" selection, other load and save actions only include Repair and Processing settings, which do not include watermarking.

If the watermarking itself is enabled in the settings, importing will cause an error message about invalid watermarking settings to be shown. Watermarking is disabled until the settings are restored manually.