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License validity

License validity

Licenses are valid for life, including software updates. New features may cost extra if you want to use them.

You can verify that WatchCat works in your environment without a license, the non-licensed version inserts tones in the audio occasionally, but is otherwise fully functional.

License features

Multiple processing chains

If you have a WatchCat Pro license, you can setup multiple processing chains, with different types of processing or actions per chain.


The WatchCat Pro license unlocks the scripting engine. You can write scripts that are run at the start and/or end of the processing of a file. So you can for example add some code to automatically upload a processed file to a server.

Video file processing

The WatchCat Pro license makes it possible to process the audio in video files, for example to normalize them to R128 levels. This requires an external video fix muxer/demuxer (ffmpeg works well and is free; scripts to use ffmpeg are included. Just install ffmpeg and select those scripts to process video files.).