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Download STXtreme firmware 10.30

STXtreme firmware

STXtreme firmware

Updating the STX firmware triggers a hardware reboot, which will normally take you off-air for about 21 seconds. Updating to version 10.10 from older versions requires multiple reboots, so it takes about a minute

Updating via USB

  • Put this .zip file (do not extract it!) in the root folder of a USB drive.
  • Insert the USB drive in the STXtreme.
  • On the front panel, click  on the "Configure" icon, then click on "UPDATE FROM USB".
  • Confirm.

Updating via web interface

  • In the web interface, go to System -> Firmware.
  • Open the Firmware section.
  • Click on "UPDATE FIRMWARE".
  • Select the file and hit UPLOAD AND REBOOT.
  • Confirm.

How safe is the update procedure?

We know that updating firmware can "feel" risky. Some hardware can be "bricked" by a failed update. We have built in a lot of safeguards against this:

  • The firmware comes with a checksum, and that checksum is checked after the firmware has been written to the hardware, but before it is actually activated. If the checksum fails, the new firmware won't be activated.
  • The STXtreme hardware continuously verifies that the audio is actually going through the sound cards. If it does not, for example because the new firmware refuses to load, it reboots the system after some time. If this happens multiple times after a firmware update, the new firmware is disabled and the old firmware is reinstated. Note that this process can take about 30 minutes.
  • If there is something you don't like in the new firmware, you can always reinstall older firmware. There is no version check that blocks you from installing any version you want.
  • If all of this fails, which really shouldn't be possible, contact . We have more ways to get into the system and revert to older firmware versions. (You will need a USB keyboard and physical access to the hardware in that case, and possibly also a USB drive.)