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Stereo Tool 9.82 and MicroMPX 4.1.1 have been released

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  • BS412: New BS412 limiter, with more feedback predictors and multiple feedforward level measurements over different intervals.
    Existing presets are automatically updated, you can still manually select the old Legacy mode if needed.
  • BS412: Added "Hot compressor" mode for a more compressed and possibly slightly louder "radio-like" sound.
  • BS412: Added "Auto adjust for target level" setting that auto-adjusts the input if target (0, +3 dBm etc) is changed, also compensates for pilot/rds levels.
  • Multiband Compressor 1: Analog mode: Added "Sudden drop protection", speeds up release on large level drops (Dynamic Speeds + Max release speed mode).
  • Compressors: Analog mode: Limiters did not work in Progressive Release mode. Now they work with the ratio that's reached at -6 dB.
  • Bug fix: Advanced Limiter had pre-ringing effect and used more CPU load than needed.
  • Bug fix: Advanced Limiter slow release times never worked.
  • Bug fix: VST version: GUI was displayed too small in all VST plugins.
  • Bug fix: AGC "WB linking" mode used the settings of the last band instead of the 2nd band.
  • Bug fix: Small bug (wrong threshold) in bass vs highs IMD filtering was introduced in version 9.80.
  • Advanced Clipper now explicitly bypasses the Simple clipper pre-limiter, which could introduce pumping if configured incorrectly.
  • Dependency removal: Linux/Mac versions don't use libCurl anymore for access to websites.
  • Updated presets.
  • STXtreme: Added workaround for issue with still unknown cause that caused the I/O board to not respond on one unit.
  • MicroMPX: Added much easier license activation mechanism, no need anymore to mail request codes to us if you have internet during licensing.
  • MicroMPX: Added option to show reseller company logo.
  • WatchCat: Added scrollbar to input settings window, which didn't fit on very small monitors.