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Scheduler section

Schedule loading of different .sts settings files

File polling panel

Scheduling loading of different .sts settings file

This feature continuously looks for a Poll STS File name on disk. It is loaded upon startup, and every time its date/time changes. This can be used for example to have different processing during the day and night. The date/time is checked 4 times per second.

It is a good idea to first create a file with the necessary changes, and then rename it to the file that Stereo Tool checks. This avoids problems when the file is being loaded while you are still writing to it. The modification date is only accurate op to seconds. So changes less than a second after the previous changes may be ignored.

The new file only needs to contain the changes - it is read "on top of" the already existing data. For example, to change the Pre Amp value, use:

Pre amplifier=10

Warning: Certain abrupt parameter changes can give audible effects.

  • Poll STS Enabled
    Enable file polling.

    See the overall description of File polling.

  • Poll STS File name
    File name of the file that's used to update the settings.

    See File polling for details.

Time schedule (example times: 'mon 10:30', '22:45', 'sat sun 12:00') panel

  • Time schedule enabled

  • Time

  • File

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